Habermas: A Very Short Introduction

Gordon Finlayson


ISBN13: 9780192840950
ISBN10: 0192840959
Paperback, 184 pages
Jul 2005, In Stock

Jurgen Habermas is the most renowned living German philosopher. This book aims to give a clear and readable overview of his philosophical work. It analyzes both the theoretical underpinnings of Habermas’s social theory, and its more concrete applications in the fields of ethics, politics, and law. Finally, it examines how Habermas’s social and political theory informs his writing on real, current political and social problems. The author explores Habermas’s influence on a wide variety of fields–including philosophy, political and social theory, cultural studies, sociology, and literary studies. He uses a problem-based approach to explain how Habermas’s ideas can be applied to actual social and political situations. The book also includes a glossary of technical terms to further acquaint the reader with Habermas’s philosophy. Unlike other writing on Habermas, this Introduction is accessibly written and explains his intellectual framework and technical vocabulary, rather than simply adopting it.


* Habermas is the most internationally well known living German philosopher
* He has written many extremely influential works, many of which are long and forbiddingly technical – there is a need for an easy way in to his philosophy
* Comprehensive: will cover Habermas’s influence on a wide variety of fields, including philosophy, political and social theory, cultural studies, sociology, literary studies
* Accessibly written: unlike other writing on Habermas this will explain his intellectual framework or technical vocabulary rather than simply adopting it
* Problem-based/ideas approach: explains how Habermas’s ideas are applied to actual social and political situations
* Glossary of technical terms

Product Details
184 pages; 15 b/w illus.; 4-1/2 x 7; ISBN13: 978-0-19-284095-0ISBN10: 0-19-284095-9
About the Author(s)

Gordon Finlayson is a lecturer in Post-Kantian European Philosophy at York University. He has published widely on Habermas, and contributed to Habermas: A Critical Reader . He is author of a forthcoming monograph on problems in Habermas’s Discourse Ethics.


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One response to “Habermas: A Very Short Introduction

  • joxe82

    He is most influential in law. There is a little book called “The Ratzinger Habermas Debate”. There is in fact no debate, but four essays, two by the Cardijal and two by Habermas, and they are fairly clear. It is also amusing to see that Cardinal (who later became the Poipe) and Habermas who is considered to be an atheist or even a Marxist seem to be going in similar directions.

    The central problem is the — wobbly — foundation of our laws or of our ideas of good and bad..


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