Parliament’s Website as a Public Sphere: A Study of e-DPRD Province in Indonesia

Imam Samroni, Parliament’s Website as a Public Sphere

Thesis Summary
Imam Samroni

Department of Sociology
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Gadjah Mada Univerity, Yogyakarta, 2016

The study started from parliament to e-parliament evolution. This exploratory study aimed at answering following questions of (1) publicness capacity of parliament’s website and (2) rational consensus vs. algorithm in Internet-mediated public sphere. It also aimed at (1) identifying the genealogy, the map, and the capacity of the parliament’s website as public sphere. It was useful in (1) the identification of the development of the e-parliament as social sphere, especially e-DPRD province and in the perspective of cyber-socilogy and (2) the application of the e-parliament in social sphere in cyber-sociology perspective. Data was collected using online searching and in-depth interview. The data wa analyzed by coding, matrix formulation, occurrence index filling, causal-condeptual net formulation, and conclusion test.

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